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Featuring 16 of the best leagues and more than 75 national teams, 2002 FIFA World Cup brings the game of the world to your fingertips. You will execute curling corner kicks, awesome slide tackles, shots from the top of the box, crunching challenges, and palm-wringing penalty kicks.
Among the major enhancements to this version is the passing system--the core of any real soccer (football) game. It now emulates the same decisions made in a real match. Gamers can place the ball anywhere on the field of play, resulting in an immensely increased repertoire of developing plays. Teammates now make long up-field runs, diagonal runs through the midfield, and streaks across the back of an opponent's defense. They'll call for the ball as they break, letting you know to pass to the space ahead of them.
EA Sports also totally rewrote the AI. The AI now searches for space and key weaknesses in your team's positioning, and will make off-the-ball runs or build up intelligent passing plays before striking a precise through ball behind your last line. Depending on the difficulty level, the AI will create a much more interesting and challenging opponent than in previous versions.

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Easy goals
All you have to do is go into the main menu, select side select, select the opposite team. now go back into the game and run the ball into their goal.
submitted by: simon seymour-griffiths

All-Americas team:
Win the World Cup with an American team (such as Team U.S.A.) to unlock the All-Americas team in a friendly match.

All-European team:
Win the World Cup with an European team to unlock the All-European team in a friendly match.

All-Asian team:
Win the World Cup with an Asian team to unlock the All-Asian team in a friendly match.

All-African team:
Win the World Cup with an African team to unlock the All-African team in a friendly match.

All-World team:
Unlock the All-Americas, All-European, All-Asian, and All-African teams to unlock the All-World team in a friendly match.

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