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Attack the Ref
During a match, pause the game and go down to bookings, the press: L2, X, X, R1, R1, L2, O, R2. This enables you to attack the referee and all players on the pitch (punching and kicking only) and you don't get sent off.

Fat players:
Pause the game and type Cross, Circle, Circle, Circle, Down, Up, Up, Left and R1.

Invisible walls:
Pause the game, then hold R2 and press Square, Cross, Cross, Cross, Up, Circle.Cheats Menu :
Pause during play and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right. un-pause and a cheats menu will appear.

Hint :
To score a penalty virtually every time (for this you need an analogue controller). Instead of pressing a single direction to kick the ball, rotate the left stick (either clockwise or anti-clockwise, it doesn't matter) while pressing shoot. You should score every time.

Hint :
You can find Pele as number 10 on classic teams brazil 1970 you can find Ronaldo as number 9 on inter Milan.

Hint : 
You can find Youri Djorkaeff at Kaiserslautern as No.14.

Hint : (Analogue control needed):
To score almost every one on one with the goalie rotate the left stick whilst pressing the shoot (0) button.

Hint :
Start any game. Make sure your team has the ball or it won't work. Pause and switch to the other team. Hold L1, default configuration, ( it doesn't matter how long, as long as the ball stays with your team ) and pause. Switch back to your original team and play. Now, every time you have the ball, the opposition's keeper will chase you. This means easy goals. Remember to do it for both halves.

Get player ratings up to sevens :
go to the customize then select your team and go to personal status and then put all ratings up to sevens by pressing left and right then save to keep changes.

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