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Play as the Goalie in Training Mode
First, select training mode. Then choose any team. Then first you must be only 1 player. Choose attack and on the training menu, choose training match. on the attack choose how many players you want, and on the defense choose 0. Then when the training match begins the 2nd player must be on the defense. Then he can be the goalie.

Note: Turn on the goalies on the training menu.

Toe punt
At the team select screen, quickly press R1, L1, Down, Up, Left. The team you choose will have an extremely hard kick.

Unlimited Player Attributes
On 'Player Edit' screen, press the following to get infinite skill points to add to your players:
L1, L2, Cross, Square, Cross.

Loads of Dosh
Go to 'Customize Squad' and select 'Team Edit'. Pick the club team of your choice and press: Square, Cross, Square, L2, L1. You can now highlight the clubs money, and give the club more, or take some away. The most that will be in the clubs bank in a season is 131,000K. Its best to customize a top team like Arsenal.

Note: After customizing the teams money, don't change the teams shirt, shorts, or socks because the money will return to it's original amount.

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