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What would the launch of PlayStation®2 be without a football game, and what better way to kick off than with FIFA 2001. With an already impressive record, this, the latest EA FIFA line-up, takes the player right into the game! New cinematic camera design and subtly absorbing ambient sounds mean full immersion, and with details as minute as rotating ad boards, moving clouds and weather lighting changes, you'll swear it's more than just a game.

There are over 50 international sides to choose from, but if you want to keep things closer to home there are 17 top leagues from which to choose a team. And as for the players? Their facial expressions and body language add to the natural motion captured moves that the likes of Scholes, Matthaus, Davids and Mendieta helped create, and players display varying degrees of urgency depending on their position on the pitch.In addition to all this comes the excitement of playing a match, year-round website support which will provide you with bonus season updates, as well as patches and other surprises to keep your gaming experience as current as possible. FIFA 2001 is the game that no football fan should be without.

playstation2 cheat codes

Automatic Win :
After playing a game for two minutes, press pause. While holding down both L1 and L2 press Cross, Cross then Circle.

Long Kicks :
At the title screen and press Cross, Cross, Circle, Triangle, Square, R1, R1 for longer kicks.

Play as All-Star Team :
At the Team Selection menu, choose 'Arsenal' and hold down Circle when you press start. You will start the game as the EA All-Star team.

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